The 4 ARGITAL PLANETARY OILS: natural organic multipurpose organic body oils

The 4 Argital Planetary oils are designed to regenerate the body and soul and to enhance the health and nourishment of the skin. They have no man-made ingredients but pure carrier oils from the vegetable kingdom such as Olive, Wheatgerm and Sweet Almond. They are produced in Sicily and reflect  the warmth of the Mediterranean sea and fragrances from universal cycles and rhythms of that special Island. Using a product in your beauty routing containing Olive Oil may provide immense benefits to your skin. The effectiveness of these body care oils comes from the Vitamin E  contained in the Wheatgerm and Almond oils that are naturally endowed with this highly potent antioxidant vitamin. Regular application of these  oils can protect your skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage, keeping it soft and supple.

  Earth Oil is a body care oil, soft, floral bittersweet and balsamic as it contains besides the above mentioned vegetable oils various protective pure essential oils, plus Honey and Propolis extract from Bees used since Egyptian times for its health.  No antioxidant capacity values have been found greater than those obtained from Propolis. This body care oil is a Skin Savior, a Multi-Tasking Wonder Balm and gives your skin the whole foods nourishment it deserves during the winter season. It is perfect for locking in the skin's natural moisture after a warm bath


Saturn Oil is slightly spicy with warming and protective tone. It is rich in natural vitamin "E" and gives warmth to the body where applied. It contains pure vegetable oils of Olive, Wheatgerm and Sweet Along, pure Bees wax, Honey and Propolis; pure essential oils of Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Sage, Thyme, Hyssop ad Savory.  

Saturn Oil relieves mind and body fatigue and soothe sore muscles.


 Earth and Saturn OILS are all organic OILS, soothing BLENDS and certified organic. They nurture and moisturize dry skin. They are great for all skin type and  will lavish your skin with love.